Meet your SAY Senior

SAY Seniors are warm and open minded. They are curious about your story and have interesting stories to tell.

Have real conversations in Korean

It could be deep. It could be funny. It could be awkward. It’s real and the wheels come off.

Develop a special connection

It’s a new kind of friendship. In the seniors’ stories, we may discover bits of our own.

#한글 Project. A language to unite us all.

Seniors and Youth is all about bringing
people together across cultural and generational divides.
Because the world is better that way.

How did this get started?


Senior citizens have meaningful interactions with the youth to learn about their interests, aspirations, and backgrounds

Korean language learners from around the world are able to enhance their fluency through engaging conversations

“Time passes by really quickly when you’re doing this. It’s challenging because you can’t use English as your crutch.”
Kelsey H.
Princeton ‘15

“As a Korean-American, I often only get the 'Western' approach to Korean issues. Speaking with seniors gave me a truly Korean perspective that I found fascinating.“
Julie C
Princeton ‘17

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